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Friday, December 2, 2005

The IRAQHistory e-Newsletter's Contributors

The Historians Behind the IRAQHistory e-Newsletter

Prof. Abdul Jabbar Naji is the chairman of the Historical studies Dept. He earned B.A. and M.A. in history from Baghdad University and Ph.D. from London University (SOAS) in 1970. Part of his research is on Iraq Urbanization during Medieval period. Since 1970, he has been teaching Iraqi history at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to publishing and translating numerous books on history in Arabic, he is currently working on editing some of the volumes of the, "Baghdad in The Works of Foreign Travelers From the 15th Century till 1958," as well as contributing on the Iraqi scholars of medicine during medieval period. Country of Residency: IRAQ

Anees Al-Qaisy, born in Baghdad, Iraq, has a BA degree in history (1991) from the University of Baghdad, College of Arts, and an MA in 1998. His MA thesis entitled, "Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the Zionist Aspirations in Palestine 1876-1909." From 2001 to 2003, Al-Qaisy worked in Baytul-Hikmah. Jointly with Prof. Abdul Jabbar Naji, he is working to publish a book entitled, "Baghdad: How It Is Seen by Foreign Travelers 1600-1900," including a comprehensive encyclopedia of about 6 or 7 volumes on Baghdad since its foundation in 762 CE (145 AH) till the present. In 2002, he started his (PhD) study at the University of Baghdad. His dissertation's title was "The Ottoman Naval Activity in Mediterranean during the 16th Century". Country of Residency: IRAQ

Aseel Nasir Dyck contributed to the November e-newsletter only and does not wish to continue.

Mahmood Al-Qaisy, born in Baghdad, IRAQ in1968. He earned his BA in history from the College of Arts, University of Baghdad in 1989 and earned his MA in history at the same College. The title of his MA thesis was "The commercial and Political Activity of the English East India Company in India 1600-1660 CE" His PhD's thesis title "The External Relations of the Carolingian State During the Reign of Charlemagne 768-814 CE" was published at the same College in 2005. Since 1995 he has been teaching at the University of Tikreet and the University of Baghdad. His fields of specialization and scientific research are in medieval European history, European renaissance, modern American history and philosophy of history. He is a member of the Union of Arab Historians and the Iraqi Historical Society. Country of residency: IRAQ

Dr. Modhaffar Amin has a Ph.D. in modern history of Iraq from the University of Durham, UK in 1980. His thesis was translated to Arabic and published in Beirut, 2001. He co-authored the book al-iraq fi al-tarikh or "Iraq in the History" and participated in the writing of mawsuat tarikh al-iraq or "The Encyclopedia of IRAQI History". In 2005, he participated in writing a paper on the “The Early Death of King Faisal and Its Effect on The Future of the Monarchy in IRAQ” at a conference in Amman organized by the Royal Institute of Inter-faith Studies (RIIFS). Country Residency: UK

Nahar Mohammed Nuri has a BA degree from the Department of History, College of Arts, University of Baghdad in 1999. He completed his MA degree at the same College in 2003. Mr. Nuri's thesis focused on "The Political Developments in Cyprus 1878-1914". Currently he is working on the studies of globalization, orientalism and some aspects of Iraqi history. He is a member in the Union of Arab Historians. Country of Residency: IRAQ

Saba Hussein Al-Maowlaa , born in Baghdad, Iraq, earned a bachelor degree in history from the University of Baghdad and an M.A. from Al-Mustansiriyya University. Her MA thesis focused on the development of commerce in Iraq from 1914 to 1921. At the University of Baghdad, she is currently working on her Ph.D. thesis, "As-Shaikh Zaayid Bin Sultan wa Dawruhu Fee Al-Qathaayaa al-Arabiyya," or "The Role of Sheikh Zayid Bin Sultan in Arab Causes." She now teaches at Al-Mustansiriyya University. Country of Residency: IRAQ

Dr. Sinan Sadiq Hussein Al-Zaidi has earned an M.A. in modern history from Baghdad university in 2001. The title of his MA thesis was on "Policy of US towards Egypt 1952-1956" He earned his Ph.D. from Baghdad University in 2005. The focus of his thesis was "Policy of the US towards Iraq 1958 - 1963" He currently teaches at the College of Education, Al-Mustansiria University. Country of Reisdency: IRAQ

Dr. Suhaila Shindi Al-Badri was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She earned a BA in 1988. Her MA thesis entitled, "Yahoodul Maghribil Aqsaa Wa Dawruhum Assiyaasee Wal Iqtisaadi 1912-1956," or "The Political and Economic Role of Moroccan Jews 1912-1956" was completed in 1998. Dr. Al-Badri's Ph.D., which she finalized in 2005, focused on William Gladstone and the Irish case from 18-68-1894. Country of Reisdency: IRAQ

Tariq Majeed has two masters degrees in modern history of Iraq and is currently working on his thesis focusing on Iraqi-British Relations During The Arif Presidency. He has been compiling documentations pertaining Iraq during the Ottoman and British colonization. Majeed has published a book in 2002 entitled, "Adduktour Najee Al-Aseel: Dublumasiyyan Ra'idan wa Mofakkiran Hadhaariyyan" or "Dr. Naji Al-Aseel: A Pioneer Diplomat and Thinker" in Arabic by Baytul Hikma Publishing Center. He is a member of the Union of Arab Historians, The Association of Iraqi Teachers and an Active member in the Iraqi History Society. Country of Residency: IRAQ