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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Former President Abdul Rahman Aref

 1916 Baghdad - August 24, 07 Amman
President of IRAQ
Between April 16, 1966 and July 1968

President Aref (middle), King Faisal Al Saoud (left)
and president Jamal Abdul Naser (right) in 1967

Aref's Presidential Achievements
A Partial List

* Opened the doors for negotiations with the Kurds to ensure a democratic solution two months after resuming his presidential duties.

* Lead the negotiations with the Russians to provide weapons for the Syrian and Egyptian armies

* Visited France and met with President Charles DeGaul, which led to the improvement of Arab relationship with France

* Implemented the plant to extract sulfur from the natural gas in Kirkuk in 1966

* Implemented the dry-gas pipeline, which transferred gas from Kirkuk to Baghdad to provide power plants, oil refineries and large factories with fuel in 1967

* Implemented the transport pipeline to transfer crude liquid gases from Kirkuk to Taji Oil Gas Factory in 1967

* Signed the contract for the export of crude oil from Iraq to Turkey in March 1968

* Signed a protocol allowing the export of piped natural gas from Iraq to Turkey on April 6, 1967

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