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Friday, June 26, 2009

In Memory of Those Who Were Murdered . . . .

June 26/27, 1993

A Forgotten Piece of History

by Wafaa'

(c) Copyrights Wafaa' 2009

The U.S. military was commanded by Bill Clinton to demolish the headquarters of the Mukhabarat, the Iraqi intelligence services, in central Baghdad. The attack took place on the evening of June 26, 1993 (morning of June 27 in Baghdad). Twenty missiles hit the agency complex while three missed their targets.

Clinton stated that information became available about Iraqi operatives who were behind an assassination attempt on President George Bush I in April 1993 while at a ceremony honoring him in Kuwait. Saddam Hussein was said to have ordered the attempt on Bush’s life. Despite the capturing of those who were to carry out the attack, Clinton felt the urge to retaliate!

"Those arrested were merely drug and alcohol smugglers. In the aftermath of the June 26 missile attack, one-by-one the mythical would-be assassins were released from Kuwaiti jails, but, the U.S. media did not consider this information newsworthy. It was not as exciting as assassination plots and missile attacks." 1

At that time, opponents of Clinton criticized him for his lenient policies for Iraq despite it being a defenseless country suffering from the aftermath of the 1991 war and the harshest economic sanctions ever. Iraq was an easy target to strike and show off strength.

The three missiles that missed their intended target fell on residential houses in Harthiya and Mansour areas of Baghdad killing eight civilians unrelated to the Intelligence headquarters. Unfortunately, the name of only six of the victims are available to me and are acknowledged here with the hope that the two additional names will be provided by the help of truth-seeking individuals.

Among the murdered were two members from the Al-Qaisy family, three from the family of Jreidan-Attar and one guard by the name of Khalid (unknown last name) from the Sabaawi residence, which was referred to as the Chinese house due to its design.

Renowned artist, Layla Al-Attar, was among the victims; her husband, Abdul Khaliq Jreidan and their care taker, Khadija. In the nearby town of Al-Mansour, another family lost two of its members; the father, Maan M. Abdo Al-Qaysi and his son; Mohammed. M. A. Al-Qaysi.

Ms. Al-Attar was the director of the Iraqi National Art Museum and was very active in the international art scene of Iraq. Due to a rumor from an unknown source, some Iraqis have speculated that the killing of Al-Attar's family was on purpose because the late Layla was the one who made the portrayal of George Bush I on the floor of Al-Rashid Hotel. However this is not true. The portrayal, which was made of ceramics, was the work of another artist. Ms. Al-Attar's art neither included ceramics nor portrayals.

Several testimonies by those who have met her indicated that she was steadfast, talented, elegant, organized and shrewd.  Iraq has certainly lost one of its greatest artists.

In Memory of Those Who Were Murdered, We Dedicate This Humble Memorial

They are in our thoughts

Al-Qaisy Family

Maan M. A. Al-Qaisy (father)
Mohammed M. A. Al-Qaisy (son)

Attar-Jreidan Family

Adbul Khaliq A. Jreidan (husband)

Layla Al-Attar (wife)

Khadija (care taker)

Sabaawi House

Khalid . . . (guard)

And Two Unknown Civilians . . .


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We Acknowledge All Who Provided Information and/or documented the tragedy with Appreciation

Dr. Balsam A. Hani
Maysaloun Faraj
Jeff Archer
Rima A. A. Jreidan (L. Al-Attar's daughter)
Aseel Dyke

(c) copyright Wafaa' 2009